Crankshaft Grinding boring large piston bushings boring main bearings large diesel conecting rod bushing boredconnecting rod alignment copper tubes replaced align bore crack repair Fairbanks crank and bearing work crankshaft balancing crankshaft welding cutting for positive seals tractor cutting large bore sleeve crankshaft grinding cutting John Deere valve seats cylinder overbore cam bore sleeving and rebushing flywheel surfacing magnaflux Boring Large Main Bearing cylinder head align boring piston ring grooving pressure testing cylinder head sleeving antique Hartparr block sleeved two cylinders Misc Machine work block decking surfacing head Manifold side surfacing cylinder honing turning new wrist pin bushings turning new wrist pins valve seat installation
Crankshaft Grinding
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Crankshafts reground, straightened, wet magnetic particle inspection, journals built up-welding to OEM Rockwell hardness, balancing

Cylinder blocks bored, sleeved, surfaced, crack inspection, pressure testing, cam bushings, align boring, crack repair, piston work

Connecting rods reconditioned, aligned, center to center bored, magnetic particle inspection, rebabbited, bored for inserts, pin fitting

Cylinder head valve jobs, crack checking, pressure testing, valve guides replaced, valve seats replaced, surfacing, cc of combustion chambers, valve spring testing, crack repair, stud replacement

Flywheel Resurfacing

Complete Rebuilds of Engines
Auto, Industrial, Marine -Contemporary or Antique
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